Dear Dr. Chau,

For me, it will be the nicest holiday season of the year and when I add all the "good" things together, you are the main reason for it. You not only restored my belief if there are good professional Doctors, who not only make promises, but also make a patient feel good and help to make these ugly pains disappear. Not only can I recommend you to others like me, but I like to take this opportunity of Christmas to say my hearty thanks to you. It is a pleasure to visit your office and receive a warmth of welcome from your secretary. She is the best by far I got to know. How lucky I am!

Your thankful,
W. D.

Dear Dr. Chau:

Thank you very much for helping me fulfill one of my most cherished dreams " to visit Machu Picchu ! "
For almost 10 days I'd been walking & hiking for 8-10 hours daily! I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your professional and compassionate care." Actions speak louder than words! With lots of appreciation.


I have suffered from neck pain on and off for 20 years and more recently lower back pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease. Both conditions were greatly aggravated by being involved in a rear end car accident last year. I was frequently having muscle spasms in my lower back, experiencing many headaches and a general feeling of fatigue. I was referred to Dr. Chau by my massage therapist who has seen great benefits from NUCCA techniques administered to her patients. At first I was hesitant because of the costs involved for consult and diagnostic X-rays but I really wanted to feel better and decided to look at it as an investment in my body. I have never looked back!

Dr. Chau has helped me immensely with his gentle chiropractic technique and has helped educate me in being aware of my everyday movements that may cause me to regress in my treatment. During my first treatment I could not help but wonder if I would be helped by the treatment. My adjustment was so gentle that it only felt like a quick but mild pressure being applied to my neck but I felt immediate improvement in my posture when I stood up to leave. After several treatments my headaches have gone away and my lower back feels much more stable and does not spasm anymore. I feel much more energetic and in control of my life! Thank you Dr. Chau for helping me feel like myself again!


Sue M.

Dr. Chau is such an incredible Doctor. I am so thankful, I am not dizzy, my back is wonderful, he is an incredible chiropractor, whatever else he is. Tell him and let him know I appreciate him. Thanks, see you whenever I need you next time.


Thanks for helping me stand up straight and feel better!


We thank you threefold for your kindness and devotion to helping others, including us! You have a special gift.

H & D

Dr. Chau & Staff,

Thank you for all your help & dedicated care!

Best wishes,
Sandra S.

My back still feels better, still doing lots of slow stretching etc. It's great!

Shannon B.

Dear Dr. Chou,

I would want to thank you for the EXCELLENT treatment. My back is, I would say, about 90% better...I'm impressed!! I have been telling many people in Smithers about the treatment you and Dr. Berti provide. It's truly preventative!!
I took the liberty to take several business cards and pamphlets from your office and am passing them around - I only wish there was someone up her practicing the same techniques for the many people here who suffer from "back" problems.
I appreciate your commitment to excellence and your integrity and care. You will have a very successful practice (especially the healing aspect!)
Best Wishes,